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4 Tips to Make Wedding Planning Less Painful

I know I took my own wedding planning on at a rapid pace. I started confidently, but quickly realized I had a touch of crazy! I feel that wedding planning is a whole lot of hurry up…and wait! During the ‘down time’ I’m stressing because I feel I’m forgetting something.

Remember when you were little and had to remove a Band-Aid? I would go so slow and my mom would say, ‘Rip it off, it hurts less.’ I never trusted her. Now that I’m older, I completely get it! Wedding planning is like a ‘rip off the Band-Aid’ experience. Here are four tips I learned along the way to make wedding planning a little less “painful.”

Wedding Planning Tip #1: Make a List

Make a list. Start with the big items, such as location, vendors, etc. As you cross items off your list, don’t stop, just add the next thing that comes up.

I am learning from other brides and wedding planners I talk to in my line of work that it is normal for your list to grow and grow. As the big details get planned, the medium and then smaller details work their way up the list.

Wedding Planning Tip #2: Start With the Big Stuff First

Don’t put the cart before the horse….if you plan the bigger items and then work down to the smaller details, it is easier to stay on task. It also helps you to not feel overwhelmed. Okay, it might help some of us not to feel overwhelmed! Once something is planned/booked, there should be no revisiting, right? The problem is there are those details you feel like you are constantly revisiting. It was hard for me at first, but eventually you realize you do need to tell yourself, “enough,” and move on to the next item.

Wedding Planning Tip #3: Don’t Over-Engineer Your Planning

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the planning tools you’ll find on the internet. Find what works best for you and keep it simple. Between Excel, The Knot and many other bridal websites and paper lists it is easy to lose track. Stick with one or two systems that work for you. I started using a spiral notebook. If I take notes and do not need to revisit, the page gets torn out or the item gets a line through it. If it is an ongoing detail item I give it its own page…or three!

The great thing about writing something down with pen and paper is that your brain remembers it better–this is a true fact! Writing my lists out by hand also helps me because I type really fast and my ideas get away from me. Handwriting is slower, but it works–at least for me.

Wedding Planning Tip #4: Fit in Research When You Can

Use your downtime to help plan for the next step. When I’m not swamped with meeting a work or personal deadline, I research my next steps. Invitations are nearly giving me heart palpitations, so when I have some free time I have been scouring the internet for our perfect option.  I also take LOTS of photos with my phone!

Remember, Rome was not built in a day. I wish I could rush this planning thing, but unfortunately there are too many variables and working parts. Remind yourself what has been accomplished and forge on my friend and get to the next item on your list checked off. I wouldn’t skip around, but if you need to wait on someone or something, do some research or start the next item, but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed!