Evaluating Tent Rental Sites
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4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Tent Site

Location, location, location! We all know how important location is when planning a big event like a wedding. If you’re a bride or groom envisioning your big day taking place in a tent, the next step is to think about what a great tent site should provide for you and your guests. A beautiful mountain view or a colorful garden can be breathtaking, but make sure the tent location you choose is practical as well as scenic. Here are four questions to ask yourself when evaluating a potential spot:

1. Is there easy access?

A great tent space should be accessible so the rental crew can set up the tent easily. The site should also be easy for the caterer, service professionals, and guests to navigate. If you need to walk down two flights of stairs to get to a lakeside location, remember this may make it more difficult for your vendors and some of your guests. It can also make some services more expensive.

2. Is there enough space?

Some clients plan their event around a space they love before considering whether or not it can accommodate an appropriate sized tent. If you have an idea of how many people you plan on inviting, your tent rental provider can help you determine the tent size you’ll need. You need to figure in as well as space for a dance floor, tables, buffets, bars and other features you desire. Also, certain caterers might ask for a prep tent near the main tent, where they can prepare food. It’s nice to have the caterer’s prep station near your tent so servers do not have to walk a far distance to serve food. This will ensure your guests receive their food in a timely fashion, while it’s still hot.

3. Is there water nearby?

So you’ve found a gorgeous location for your event, but the nearest water source is too far to be useful. When searching for a tent site, make sure you have access to water. It doesn’t seem like an important amenity in the early planning stages, but it can be crucial when the florist needs to put water in vases, the caterer needs to boil water and wash dishes, or the bartender needs to rinse glasses.

4. Are there enough restrooms?

An ideal location will have a substantial number of bathrooms for guests to use. If you do not want guests overusing a private bathroom or there is no indoor plumbing at the chosen location, make sure there is enough space on site for portable toilets. Portable restrooms can always be covered by a small tent to make them blend in and make the location more private. Covered bathrooms also offer a lighted space for people to wait, while being protected from the elements. A small tent is also a perfect spot to keep a table with personal care items. Some clients prefer trailered bathrooms. Just make sure they can be placed close to the festivities with enough space to not appear crowded.

Remember, your event is about you and your vision. Just make sure your vision includes the little details that make the event smoother for you and your guests. Don’t be afraid to ask vendors and service providers you’ve hired if you are forgetting anything. They may be able to point out something small you’ve overlooked.